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good morning everyone....

yesterday we hit a high if 77 and by late afternoon, there were tornado warnings west of us in Michigan...

Tornado in SE Michigan

8 days of straight 70 degree weather...unheard of b4 for mid March

Next 8 Days

Damage in Dexter MI

luckily there were no reports of serious injuries

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Definite signs of warmth as I've not plugged the truck in for maybe four weeks.  Right now, it's running, warming up, but for only ten or fifteen min. instead of a half an hour.

In the center-right, around the bend is the tunnel north and out of Portage valley, looking across the north end of the lake.     

(time to go..)

that is just a spectacular shot of that beautiful Alaskan scenery, great shot, Alan!

Good afternoon everyone,  rainy weather here in the Palouse this morning, and some occasional sun-spots this afternoon.  

A good day to be a squirrel on the campus of WSU, it appears:

Is that THE WSU squirrel? ;>

"The WSU squirrel" for today!  ;-)

We've had another May day in March today - got into the low 80s and now there's thunder which is also typical of summer.  Woke up to a very foggy morning. I posted one fog shot on the main page.  This Little Blue Heron has been visiting the pond lately, but he stays behind things, the little darling, so I've only been able to get an "identification" shot so far.



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