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Lovely day to everybody!  Temperate mid-30s today, inching toward 40 and the sun has just started hiding.  The big news of my morning was the missed photo(s) of a Pileated Woodpecker.  I was bent over trying to get a got shot of the ice bubbles  in our driveway when I heard the large wingspan flapping over head.  Since the crows were loud again today, I didn't bother to look up right away.  When I did, the red-headed beauty was on the aging maple tree not 15 feet away from me.  Of course, when I made my move, so did he...off and away to the neighbor's back yard.  Ah, one opportunity lost, but the sighting made my day. 

Here's a couple of shots of how things froze up over night...

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... and you didn't consider going out to scratch his chin?   I hear they are prone to really enjoy the scratching at the base of the ear   ;-)

I like your moose shots, Alan.  I guess they're especially fascinating to us in the lower 48 because we're not likely to have encounters like that.

Good morning~ 11am/slow start to Saturday w/out grandsons' basketball games to attend today.


Cloudy and snowing lightly here in the Palmer area; about 45 miles out of Anchorage.

Sky~love the bubbles-ice formations are always interesting and intriguing.


We had an early snow squall then clearing & cold.

I tried my hand at adding shadows. It's all about becoming familiar with the Airbrush tool. There are many adjustments.

My first try on an old cut-out.

I think this cut-out and shadowing turned out quite nice, Andy.

My Boston brother-in-law told me he had some swirling snow on the way to the gym early this AM.

That really turned out nice, Andy.

real nice!!

real nice. 

Your ice is quite nice, Sky.  Too bad you missed out of getting the Pileated.  I don't think I've ever seen one of them and I know for sure I've never photographed one.

On the way down to the Snake River, we came across this... baby making in progress scene.  It is that time of the year, evidently

I like you pov on this one.

good eye keith


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