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From Etruria to Froghall and Leek very slowly

Hello all. This blog aims to put into context the photographs I shall post over the coming days. We have been on holiday. We have repeated a previous activity - a narrowboat on the canals, which some will have seen pictures of before on here - on a different stretch of water.

There are a number of reasons we go cruising the canals : 1) we can take the dog rather than put him in kennels while we are away - watch for an English Springer Spaniel popping into shot; 2) we can take… Continue

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Tuesday July 20th

A big day for Ning. Expect afternoon down time while they sort through all the changes.

It looks like we WILL be down starting around noon for up to 2 hours.

Added by Andy P on July 18, 2010 at 10:00pm — 9 Comments

Wading Birds Up Close? I like this problem.

Many of you know, I've been standing at the pasture fence, taking photos of the various wading birds, ducks, and geese for a while now. The big waders rarely come closer than about 60 feet at best so I'm always trying to get a perfect shot with full zoom - with only a few results that I was really happy with.

This morning, a Wood Stork and a White Egret surprised me by letting me get very, very close. They had come across the road from the pasture to a ditch where I happened… Continue

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Gardening plea!

Hi, all you gardeners. In the gardening group under "Garden Projects", I just posted a plea for help with a problem area of my garden. Sure would love to have some input from you.
Take a look when you can?
Many thanks!

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New Name for DP?

Going premium gives us some extras like running our own ads or no ads, adding extra pages and removing the .ning from our domain name.

However DailyPics.com is not available, I think it's an adult site, lol. I did a quick domain name search and found OurDailyPics.com was available, other suitable names must be too. The question is do we want/need to do a name change? It will cost $6 or $8 a year to register the name and I have to do the red tape with Ning.

I personally don't care but… Continue

Added by Andy P on July 9, 2010 at 1:25pm — 16 Comments

Crunch Time

Daily Pics members decided to stay with Ning months ago. We have examined the paid plans offered to go with the 'Plus' plan @ $20 a month or $200 a year. Ning has offered a few ways to gather funds to cover these new charges.

No one likes to ask for or offer money for what used to be free but what can we do.

I have added a Donate tab in the top tool bar and a Donate button at the bottom of the Main page.

Daily Pics will accept donations from any member in any amount with a… Continue

Added by Andy P on July 1, 2010 at 12:30pm — 23 Comments

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